These consensus guidelines have been compiled with input from the Scientific Advisors of the International  Myeloma  Foundation. Their  production  involved  several steps including:

  • A 3-day  Scientific Advisors  meeting,  during  which  each  specific  area  was  presented  and discussed (May 2002).
  • Review of  key  literature,  especially  randomized  study  results,  but  also  Medline,  Internet, Cochrane database searches, and prior guidelines (Br J Haematol  115: 522-540, 2001).
  • Feedback from patients participating in the International Myeloma Foundation, patient

These guidelines encompass both the published literature and expert opinions. Recommendations based upon expert opinions are identified as such. The intent is for the guidelines to be international in scope, plus provide recommendations for both clinical practice and research approaches. ‘Consensus’   reflects   general,   although  not  necessarily   unanimous,   agreement.   Details   are discussed  as appropriate.  For convenience,  the recommendations  are divided into:

  1. Diagnostic
  2. Staging and prognostic
  3. Frontline
  4. High-dose therapy and
  5. Maintenance
  6. Supportive care and management of specific
  7. Novel therapies and new


Brian GM Durie, Robert A Kyle, Andrew Belch, William Bensinger, Joan Blade, Mario Boccadoro, J Anthony Child, Raymond Comenzo, Ben Djulbegovic, Dorotea Fantl, Gosta Gahrton, Jean-Luc Harousseau, Vania Hungria, Douglas Joshua, Heinz Ludwig, Jayesh Mehta, Angelina Rodriquez- Morales, Gareth Morgan, Amara Nouel, Martin Oken, Raymond Powles, David Roodman, Jesus San Miguel, Kazuyuki Shimizu, Seema Singhal, Bhawna Sirohi, Pieter Sonneveld, Guido Tricot and Brian Van Ness.

The Hematology  Journal  (2003) 4, 379-398. doi:l0.1038/sj.thj.6200312

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