Therapeutic advancements following the introduction of autologous stem cell transplantation and novel agents have significantly improved clinical outcomes for patients with multiple myeloma (MM). Increased life expectancy, however, has led to renewed concerns about the long-term risk of second primary malignancies (SPMs). This review outlines the most up-to-date knowledge of possible host-, disease-, and treatment-related risk factors for the development of SPMs in patients with MM, and provides practical recommendations to assist physicians.


P. Musto K. C. Anderson M. Attal P. G. Richardson A. Badros J. Hou R. Comenzo J. Du B. G. M. Durie J. San Miguel H. Einsele W. M. Chen L. Garderet G. Pietrantuono J. Hillengass R. A. Kyle P. Moreau J. J. Lahuerta O. Landgren H. Ludwig A. Larocca A. Mahindra M. Cavo A. Mazumder P. L. McCarthy A. Nouel S. V. Rajkumar A. Reiman E. R. Serra O. Sezer E. Terpos I. Turesson S. Usmani B. M. Weiss A. Palumbo on behalf of the International Myeloma Working Group

Annals of Oncology 0: 18, 2016
Published: 17 November 2016